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Photo Gallery

Crias - Spring 2008 Crias - Spring 2008
Crias - Fall 2004 Crias - Fall 2004
We are proud to present our 2004 crop of crias.
Callalli Callalli
Our extraordinary journey took us to a small town high in the Altiplano called Callalli. It sits at about 13,500 feet above sea level, nestled among the peaks above a river. Callalli consists of typical mud brick buildings strung together along dusty streets. The houses have no plumbing. In some, chamber pots serve as toilets. In others, the bathroom is a partitioned area open to the sky -- a cement slab has a conveniently placed hole and foot markers. Electricity sometimes comes on about eight at night, but only the more affluent homes have the luxury of bare light bulb illumination. Those same homes may also be fortunate enough to have an outside water faucet. There is no mail delivery. One telephone sits somewhere in the village but does not work.
Alpacas in All Colors
Alpacas come in a wide range of colors, from white to very dark, and everything in between.
Crias - 2003
Crias - 2002
The vastness of the Peruvian Altiplano stretched to the horizon in all directions. I exchanged glances with my son, Lucas, whose 6'2" frame was accordion-pleated among the backpacks, bags and cameras on the tiny back seat we shared.
Belle Gives Birth to Leelia - 2001
An alpaca birthing featuring Belle and Leelia.
Winter at DAFI
Have you ever seen an Abominable Snow Paca?
Snowtime Featuring Krystabelle
Alpacas frolicking in the snow.
Winter Scenes Too
Alpacas in the snow.
About Faces
Alpaca faces guaranteed to make you smile.
More Faces…
And more smiles…
Crias - 2001
Welcome to the World, 2000
An alpaca birthing featuring Bamboo and baby Stanley.
Crias - 2000
Welcome to the World, 1999
An alpaca birthing featuring Cocopuffs and Truffles
Crias - 1999

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